Preventative Maintenance

Don't Let Your Mechanical System Fail

Air Conditioning and Heating Service Preventative Maintenance Agreements

Building emergencies are never good. When your heat or air conditioning goes out, it usually affects a large number of occupants. Our team addresses emergency situations with Preventative Maintenance Agreements (PMA), a custom service plan to meet your facility’s needs.

No application or facility is the same, so we provide tailored solutions and find ways to make systems at maximum efficiency to prevent costly repairs and optimize operations—all to save you money. We find issues before they become big problems.

Typical Preventative Maintenance Agreements and services for chillers, boilers, commercial roof top units, packaged units, CRAC units, split systems, heaters, exhaust fans and air compressors include:

  • Cleaning: coil surfaces; fan impellers and blades; electrical contacts; burner orifices; passages and nozzles; pilot and lighter
  • Aligning: belt drives; drive couplings; air fins, etc.
  • Calibrating: safety controls; temperature and pressure controls, etc.
  • Tightening: electrical connections; mounting bolts; pipe clamps; refrigerant piping fittings; damper sections, etc.
  • Adjusting: belt tensions; refrigerant charge; super heat; fan RPM; water chemical feed and feed rate; burner/fuel air ratios; gas pressure; control set points and limits; compressor cylinder un-loaders; damper close off; etc.
  • Lubricating: motors; fan and damper bearings; valve stems; damper linkages; fan van linkages, etc.
  • Painting: for corrosion control, as directed by our scheduling system and on an as needed basis.
Trane AC unit

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