Your Experienced Team Members

The Dean E. Norris team of professionals are committed to delivering premier services, so your mechanical systems are operational and run at peak performance. Meet the team you’ll be working with on your project. Knowledgeable, professional, and reliable, our team communicates at every step of the project. We educate and train our employees, so they deliver top quality service on your projects.

Mike Porch, President

Mike Porch

Michael Eck, Project Manager/Estimator

Michael Eck
Project Manager/Estimator

Jim McAdam, Project Manager/Estimator

Jim McAdam
Project Manager/Estimator
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Dusty Meyer, General Manager Sheet Metal Division

Dusty Meyer
General Manager Sheet Metal Division
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Joe Schenk, General Manager Piping Division

Joe Schenk
General Manager Piping Division

Erick Wheeler, Director of Service Operations

Erick Wheeler
Director of Service Operations
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Doug Crockett, Service Manager

Doug Crockett
Service Manager
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Andy Fletcher, Service Dispatcher

Andy Fletcher
Service Coordinator

Tony Whitmore, Shop Foreman

Tony Whitmore
Shop Foreman

Pat McVean, Accounting/Payroll

Pat McVean

Kelsey Metzinger, Accounting Assistant

Kelsey Metzinger
Accounting Assistant

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