Piping and Plumbing Construction

Not Just Sewer Pipes—We Install ALL Pipes!

You just know when your facility’s piping function properly. And when it works, you don’t even think about it.

We provide piping and plumbing service and installation for industrial, manufacturing, and commercial facilities.

  • Hydronic, steam & gas piping
  • Boilers & cooling towers
  • Welded, threaded & flanged piping
  • High pressure piping
  • Construction pipe fitters

Whether you need a whole-system installation or a minor repair, we have the team, materials, and resources to get the job done.

Wichita Water Utilities building

Our team of experts provides piping and plumbing custom design and installation of:

New Plumbing Systems

Our specialized plumbing solutions accommodate space requirements, existing piping systems, and current equipment. Our team ensures systems meet code requirements and we work closely with building owners and general contractors to prevent system collisions and communicate concerns.

Natural Gas and Propane Piping Systems

Safety is always top priority when installing piping systems. Don’t worry about changing gas tanks, leaky gas lines, or fire hazards, because our systems are designed with proper fittings and materials to assure the best possible performance with optimal safety in mind.

Domestic and On-Demand Hot Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters heat water effectively and efficiently and fit into business and budget needs.

Sewage Ejection Pumps

Sewage ejection pumps have significant benefits, including:

  • low initial cost
  • low operating costs
  • safe and quiet installations
  • minimal unsightly above-ground equipment
  • reliable operation over a long life

Water Pressure Booster Pumps

These pumps steady water pressure fluctuation to ensure consistent water pressure.

Plumbing Fixtures

Our team regularly installs commercial fixtures for restrooms, kitchens, breakrooms, wash stations, and more.

Chilled / Hot Water Heating and A/C Piping

Whether installing new plumbing systems or retrofitting an existing one, you can count on us to get the job done correctly and efficiently without disrupting normal operations.

Complete Boiler/Hydronic Water Systems

Multiple boiler primary/secondary systems are comparatively small and make them ideal for retrofit jobs. They can also be easily installed during remodels or new construction.  Usually, two boilers fit in the same space an old cast-iron or steel tube boiler occupied.

WSU Durksen construction

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