Liberal High School VRF Installation


Liberal School District was having issues keeping their high school building at a comfortable level for students and staff. Engineering Solutions Professionals (ESP) was hired to design a more efficient system. The old, inefficient water source heat pumps were the cause of the problem.


Dean E. Norris was hired as the mechanical contractor to install a VRF system in the Liberal High School. As soon as the contract was signed by the school district, Dean E. Norris verified equipment and confirmed the tight construction schedule. Shortly thereafter, crews were onsite demoing the old equipment. We replaced 94 water source heat pumps with 94 VRF units. All of the electrical, ceiling rework, and insulation was subcontracted under us, and we coordinated these trades in conjunction with the mechanical work. Crews also installed 20 VRF outdoor units on the roof of the high school which included a total of 10 zones.

Collaboration with the engineers and the school district resulted in a successfully completed project. Issues were addressed early and manpower was supplied daily in order to meet the demanding project schedule. Crews worked 10 hour shifts 6 days a week to complete the project in time for school to start in August.


Because of our superior project management skills and dedicated manpower, we met the quick turnaround, 10-week project schedule. Liberal School District now has a comfortable building that hadn’t been cool for many years. The high school is now seeing efficiencies and cost savings that they previously hadn’t seen.

Liberal High School

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