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Water Treatment Construction

"Working as partners, Dean E. Norris provides additional HVAC support in a very responsive and accommodating manner. Whenever I call, I get a quick response, most times same day service, from their staff and technicians. All the people I’ve encountered at Dean E. Norris are customer-focused and are really good about helping me out. I would recommend working with Dean E. Norris for your HVAC needs." — Dan Charvat, Envision

Liquid waste treatment plants, also known as water treatment plants, remove harmful pollutants from domestic and industrial liquid waste so that it is safe to return to the environment. Applications of water treatment go beyond the standard waste water treatment plants and can also be applied to manufacturing and industrial processes. Dean E. Norris, Inc. is a leader in water treatment construction and provides design-build, preconstruction, and value engineering for your project.

Our staff also includes experts in large pumps and large pump stations. We have perfected construction which decrease the harmful effects of corrosion, hydrogen sulfide and methane based on extensive staff experience in the construction and management of wastewater and wastewater collection systems. By listening to our owners, we collaborate to deliver the best solution for your water treatment plant requirements. We are proud of our contribution to clean water. Our experience in these jobs makes us the logical choice for any water process systems.